San Antonio Wind Symphony

San Antonio Wind Symphony

The San Antonio Wind Symphony was brought into being through the efforts of Bass Trombonist Roderick Leonard in 2003. While a student at UTSA, Rod's vision was to create an ensemble that would offer performance opportunities for individuals outside of a college band program and focus on the finest literature in the band repertoire. 

As a result of Rod's musicianship and leadership, the San Antonio Wind Symphony is now in its thirteenth season and is quickly becoming one of the premier ensembles in south Texas!

All our members perform on a volunteer basis and represent a wide variety of occupations, from public school music teachers to business owners, from medical workers to lawyers and military musicians. 

The Wind Band has always been most closely associated with everyday activities. In its early days, concerts were performed for free in outdoor venues and its repertoire was almost always light and entertaining. 

With the explosion of band programs in the public schools in the 1950's, the need for new music was paramount, and soon new works for wind band began to appear at an incredible rate. And that became the norm, the desire for new music became so ingrained that it remains a powerful force to this day. As a result, the interest in new music for wind bands tends to force older works in the repertoire out from current practice, sometimes into oblivion and becoming out-of-print. As a result, we are in danger of losing access to a deeper and more varied repertoire. 

 The San Antonio Wind Symphony has made this its highest calling - to keep older works in the repertoire from falling into disuse, or being forgotten, while uncovering new works from well-known and lesser-known composers. 

The San Antonio Wind Symphony is a 501c3 organization as determined by the federal government and all gifts are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Taxpayer ID number 30-0847359.

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The San Antonio Wind Symphony is a group of volunteer musicians who combine their talents and services to provide an opportunity for life-long musical expression and enjoyment; enrich, educate and entertain the general public through live performances; enhance music education in the community by partnering with college, high school and middle school band programs and preserve the cultural history of the wind band repertoire.


Photographer: Katherine Bolcar

Musician: San Antonio Wind Symphony

Venue: University of Texas at San Antonio Recital Hall